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Last in residence, Carmen Gray. Feel free to have a look at her work here. Besides, still looking at this report called How do you ­čĆí?, yall sure you can figure the trends... Ow ow ow! :/


Fran├žois Girard-Meunier

23.09.2019 15:32

Regarding the Verhuurdersdeklaring, it's tricky / not possible for me to have this filled...

  1. We're supposed to avoid contact with the landlord as a request from the main tenant because of various disagreements between her and us (moisture, lack of heating, etc).
  2. I don't know who the landlord is and she doesn't know who I am neither (I'm not on the rental contract but can register through a declaration from the main tenant).

Else I've attached documents, let me know if that seems good.