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Sound disruption

François Girard-Meunier

30.04.2020 15:41

My downstairs neighbours left their studio. I haven’t been quite surprised, as I’ve been hearing loud arguments from below in the past months. Or was it the upstairs neighbours? Sounds tend to conceal their origins as they travel among the building’s concrete structure...

The previous tenant of my apartment unit left it because of these downstairs neighbours and now they’re leaving. Isn’t it ironic? And that previous tenant was an author working from home that couldn’t stand the sound blasting of a ground floor guy. That makes sense.

I’ve been acquainted with downstairs neighbours for the first time through a mediator from our housing corporation. Apparently, the guy has been terrorizing the whole surroundings with his heavy music. I found it funny and slightly perplexing, but the week after this mediator visited me, I had my initial encounter with the sounds, as Luis Fonsi’s Despacito and Elvis Crespo’s Suavemente reverbed up to the skies, bouncing on the early morning from floor to ceiling, from living room to storage room.

Some days later, this neighbour from below rang at my door. Explaining about his plans for the night and wanting to apologize in advance whether that might turn wild, I realized he was talking quite heavily, although he didn’t need to since we were close enough to understand each other. Nor could he hear me well, making me repeat myself. I guess that explains some things.