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Some serious questions I’ve never
thought about (before)

François Girard-Meunier

09.07.2020 17:32

Which type of floating flooring
is compatible with floor heating
and how it should be installed?

How many lumens rooms should have
based on their function?

Which colour tones walls should have
depending on ambient lighting?

What is the most eco-friendly cooking method,
gas, electricity or induction?

Is fiber-glass internet
faster than dial-up?

Which types of curtain matches one’s lifestyle preference
for either morning light-flooding or full opacity?

Which type of drill can go through
reinforced concrete?

How to cope with neighbors
when making holes in concrete?

Which types of anchors and screws can be used
depending on walling material?

What is the appropriate size of fridge
for a one-person dwelling?

At which height from the floor
should frames be placed?