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RE:RE:RE:RE:Contribution housing project?

Harriet Foyster

24.06.2020 14:52

As I write to you, I am listening to some very loud and lovely Japanese saxophone in an attempt to drown out a new sound in my wall. Since yesterday, around 11pm, a sudden, incessant, and very loud crackling has been emanating from the wall behind my bed. At first I imagined catastrophe: an electrical fire any minute, or perhaps an unusually audible gas leak. Then it clicked that in the past weeks I've also been newly able to hear loud, deep voices behind the same wall, new grunts and shouts and music and cheering, depending on the day of the week, as well as the ever-uncomfortable soundtrack of neighbour sex that I've been lucky to have avoided with my last few places of residence. I realise now that perhaps the crackling sound is the result of a new appliance – maybe a beer fridge, or some sort of electrical gadget, that's been positioned slightly too close to the wall. I also realise I'm making sweeping judgements, but I can try to blame that on the lack of sleep.

So at 2am I trudged down the two flights of communal stairs to the apartment where I'm registered (I sleep in a storage room in the roof, remember?) and pitched up for the night on the sofa, with the mice. They were also really very loud, but it was somehow easier to sleep a few hours when I knew the source of the sound.

Anyway, forthcoming: a tired response. Now you have some context.