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RE:Hello / AirBnB aesthetics

Franz Müller Schmidt

21.05.2020 19:22

Hey François,


I have a lot of apartments photographed during my first year after graduating and can tell there is something we/me could work with. It is a long time ago I haven't looked at the pictures. As well I have a few pictures done from all my homes I lived in Amsterdam. Mostly made with Iphone but could be something too.

I am realizing now that I never really had a home longer than two years. At the moment I dont have a room in Amsterdam and but staying in a hotel in Görlitz, in a suite I have photographed some time ago.

I would like to work on something together and happy to skype soon. If you have an idea or plan I am curious to know.
I am flexible most of the time for a skyping date. Just let me know and have a good afternoon!


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