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I'm Klapmuts, the klapmuts!

Previously, Roosje Verschoor (@roosjeverschoor) spent some time at Klapmutsenveem 62, researching Amsterdam's potato riots of 1917 in Oostelijke Eilanden. See the bits she left here.🥔

James Rosskade ft. Klapmutsenveem
(invite for a dinner)

Klapmutsenveem 62

18.06.2020 10:50

Hello V+K+L,

I'd like to invite you to have dinner at my place. This email has been written in a hurry, but the warmth is here (and will be when we'll be eating).

Date: next Monday (22th June), 19-20h(?)
Address: Klapmutsenveem 62
I might read bits of text, depending on my mood.

Note: invite a +1 / +2. Or just ask me by direct message on other communication platforms. I think I can fit more or less 10ppl on that extendable table I haven't tried yet, and can borrow chairs from my bovenburen.

See ya,

(this apartment experience is sponsored by ...)

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