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How long does it take to settle in (1/2)

François Girard-Meunier

05.02.2020 12:26

Since October, I have spent a fair amount of time making my new dwelling home. As the apartment was given in a ‘bare’ state (without floors and lights), I’ve gained skills and confidence in DIY home improvement projects. At first, I thought I should have spent one month settling home essentials, so I could throw a housewarming party and then catch up with upcoming freelance work-related projects from November. This did not happen as expected. On the other hand, I’ve been exposed to my inability to easily make ‘consumer’ choices, and I’ve seen myself over reflecting on the excessive possibilities of home lifestyle in terms of brands, colors, layouts, style, atmosphere, and so on. The trouble being that there are no right or wrong choices, everything being a matter of personal (non-existent but developing) taste. I’ve faced great difficulties in choosing kitchen apparel, wall paint colours, kitchen chairs, etc… and I’ve found myself ridiculous in the process.