Howdy! Welcome to Klapmutsenveem 62!
I'm Klapmuts, the klapmuts!

Not easy to find a place to live in Amsterdam! Had a look at this report called How do you 🏡?, art school students eh, but yall sure you can figure the trends... Ow ow ow! :/

Housing nomination


16.09.2019 15:37

Dear Francois,

You have been nominated by Bureau Broedplaatsen for the Klapmutsenveem 62 home. I have scheduled a viewing tomorrow Thursday, September 19 at 4:00 PM in the home. Let me know as soon as possible or you can tomorrow otherwise we have to agree on a different date.

The rent of the house

Netto rent 607,46
Service cost 32,96
Bruto rent 640,42

The contract is for 5 years

Kind regard,

Orna Dotsch

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