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RE:RE:Contribution housing project?

Harriet Foyster

18.05.2020 21:46

Hey François,

How are you doing? Hope you had a happy weekend.

Sorry it's late, just finished my Dutch lesson. I had planned to send you a document as an outline today, but looking at my rambling 6.5 pages I'll shortly update you here in the first instance instead!

I've been enjoying getting my thoughts down on paper a bit more concretely for this project, finding some images, and writing from a couple of different approaches to test where I'd like the piece to go. So far, I'm leaning towards a discussion around the contradictions of resenting capitalist development whilst also wanting a piece of it, with specific focus on housing developments. The text then takes the idea that although it's easy to be appalled by housing development (and development rhetorics in general), to be anti-development isn't useful either. What I hope to unpick is the uselessness of seeing these things as dichotomy: it doesn't have to be development vs. cessation, desire vs. refusal, but that re-thinking the very remit of development is crucial.

Although more prose-y/opinion-y in tone than fictional, what I've got so far is very casual, and from a first-person and non-academic perspective. It's still flexible and very much in-progress, but feels like it's going somewhere. I'd also be happy to change approach if you have thoughts and preferences or a direction that you specifically want for your website.
I can, of course, send you my notes if you wish, but they wont read too coherently just yet (I write in an awfully disorganised manner). What might be nicer is if we can agree a moment in the coming period where I can send you something more concrete, to give you a more solid idea of where it's heading.

Anyway sorry to ramble - just wanted to check in and let you know it's all moving.
Hope you're taking care and having nice days (with the million things you are growing?! so good!)

H x