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Previously, Roosje Verschoor (@roosjeverschoor) spent some time at Klapmutsenveem 62, researching Amsterdam's potato riots of 1917 in Oostelijke Eilanden. See the bits she left here.🥔


François Girard-Meunier

21.04.2020 08:36

I’ve been growing cucumbers. They are friendly, but it seems like they’re really up for taking over my living room. They expand. They expand fast, faster than I could have thought.

A few weeks later: the view from the window facing my cucumber plants is fully obfuscated. The view has changed from cranes lifting materials towards tendrils lifting vines up, twisting themselves around bamboo sticks and gripping on what they’re offered.

As I’ve been sharing light with them, the room has suddenly become a bit darker. Less radiation and less greenhouse effect for me, more nutrients for them. Hoping for their good health, and some fruits for me, for our mutual benefit, that’s what they think.

I’ve been feeding them with organic compost, and therefore learned to live in subtle stinkiness, reading avidly about ratios of nitrate, phosphorus, potassium, and mycelium.