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I'm Klapmuts, the klapmuts!

Previously, Roosje Verschoor (@roosjeverschoor) spent some time at Klapmutsenveem 62, researching Amsterdam's potato riots of 1917 in Oostelijke Eilanden. See the bits she left here.🥔


Elia Castino

07.11.2020 18:23

Hi François,


Regarding the contribution for Klapmutsenveem62, I'm sharing with you the idea I had.
I was considering to install a work that I started as reflection response on my personal state during the first lock down.
My practice is about exploring the architecture of the everyday related to the domestic realm. With my work I question the conventional domestic connotation of the home by staging scenarios that present another idea of inhabiting or that evidence a face of the home.

The idea of 'dismantling' or 'attacking' the physical and conventional archetype of the home is a recurrent interest, something I've been researching upon and working on in the recent years.
During the first confinement in March, I experienced how the circumstance of being limited to spend most of the time at home, in a closed condition, accelerated this process and made my place become extremely oppressing and at some point suffocating to me.

I started to work on a sculptural translation of such feelings and reflections and developed a piece which I titled un tetto dall'esorbitante peso (the literal english translation is a roof of exorbitant weight). It represents a structural column which is losing its original shape before collapsing under a huge weight. I made a draft one so far (you can see one picture attached to the mail) and the initial idea was to make a total of 4/5 to install in the same room.

I would propose to complete the project and build the other columns, then to install them in your living room/kitchen.
I am also considering to write a short text to accompany the work. I feel the current situation is still (perhaps even more) resonating with the initial motivation behind the work.

Let me know what you think about it, how you see it fitting with your ideas for the program of your project and if you have any concerns, I would love to discuss it.

Thank you very much,