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Not easy to find a place to live in Amsterdam! Had a look at this report called How do you 🏡?, art school students eh, but yall sure you can figure the trends... Ow ow ow! :/

Condition (Klapmutsenveem)

Klapmutsenveem 62

01.01.2020 12:15

2019-(...) 55.0 square meters. 720€ per month. Oost. Single-person occupation. Five year ‘young person’ contract with housing corporation Stadgenoot. Too much space for one person. I realize I don’t own anything because I never had space to own anything. Whatever I bring in, whatever object I start owning within that space is not enough: it still feels empty. I find it difficult to adapt to too much subsidized privilege. Could the potential of me accumulating so many objects result in a flash object sale in 2024 after I’ll move back to a 7.5 square meters room for 900€ per month?