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Last in residence, Carmen Gray. Feel free to have a look at her work here. Besides, still looking at this report called How do you 🏡?, yall sure you can figure the trends... Ow ow ow! :/

Condition (Aakstraat)

Aakstraat 72

17.10.2019 20:01

2018-2019: 7.8 square meters. 450€ per month. Noord. Five people sharing. Modernist architecture, previously a dentist office. Lots of windows and thin walls, and very little insulation makes it too expensive to heat in winter: average indoor temperature of 15 degrees from November to March. Current owner, a twenty something yoga teacher that has 4-5 houses on the block inherited from her father (a real estate investor), refuses to fix leaking windows and “threatens to denounce” unregistered “illegal” subtenants.