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I'm Klapmuts, the klapmuts!

Not easy to find a place to live in Amsterdam! Had a look at this report called How do you 🏡?, art school students eh, but yall sure you can figure the trends... Ow ow ow! :/


Klapmutsenveem 62

22.03.2020 21:56

When I had my initial visit of Klapmutsenveem 62, my first thought was about envisioning how many beds could fit inside. Considering rows layouts of two levels, single mattress beds, that’s about 14-16 beds in the living room. Then 2-4 beds in the corridor (foldable and only on the higher space), two beds in the storage room, about 8 beds in the bedroom, and one in the bathroom for the challenge (that one would have to be unfolded in order to make use of the shower, though). That’s about 31 beds. Two extra beds could be installed on the loggia, and then the count becomes about 33 beds.