Howdy! Welcome to Klapmutsenveem 62!
I'm Klapmuts, the klapmuts! Wishing you a nice visit ;)

Klapmutsenveem 62 is the address of an apartment unit located in Oostelijk Havengebied, Amsterdam. The apartment is part of ‘Costa Rica’, a housing complex that combines social tenants on its lower floors as well as unregulated ‘free market’ tenants on its upper floors. Social tenants live on floors 0-4 and are either students (floor zero), young or senior dwellers (floors 1-4), or ‘artists’ as defined by “Amsterdam’s commission for ateliers and living-working space” (floors 1-2).
  On October 2019, a rental contract has been signed between Stadgenoot (the owner) and François Girard-Meunier (the tenant), regarding unit number 62, a one bedroom apartment of circa 55 square meters. This rental contract, of a duration of five years (young tenant contract), has been made possible through Bureau Broedplaatsen and the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, through the 3PackageDeal grant.

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